A tribute

19 March 2012

A Tribute ….

Today’s post is a tribute to the Golinski family.  My heart goes out to you.  May the darker days be less as time goes by, may the sun shine in your hearts again one day.

For those who don’t know the story behind, this is a tragedy where many questions abound.  I remember watching a happy, smiling Matt Golinski on TV in “Ready, Steady, Cook” competing against time and colleague in a fun cooking competition only to read the horrifying news after Boxing Day that he has lost his wife and three daughters in a tragic fire at his house.


Tears were streaming down my face because I could feel the pain this man and his extended family and friends were feeling at that moment in time.  It makes me realise how we often complain about small trials and tribulations in our lives until we are faced with a burden which is almost too hard to bear.

Yesterday his family was laid to rest and once more the pain and anguish was all too near.  I have never met them but have known of them just like so many of us know of someone.  I knew they only lived about an hour from me, going on in their own ways like we all do.


My deepest sympathy to you all.  May peace be with you.


Keep these three things in your hearts:

faith, because it can move mountains;

hope, because it keeps you going no matter what;

and love, the greatest of all.  Love never dies.

A quote on the introduction page in “My Steve” by Terri Irwin who lost our famous Crocodile Hunter in September 2006.


There’s a little man invading my dream….

17 January 2012

There’s a little man invading my dream….

It’s been a few days since I last posted something on here and I think I am having “blog publishing withdrawal symptoms”  (BPWS)

This happened partially due to work commitments but also the good ol’ writer’s block that has crept in on me.  The weather has played its part on my feelings too.  After having had several very hot days it has been raining non-stop.  I don’t mind the rain, just a ray of sunshine every now and then would have been nice, thank you very much….

So instead I thought I will share with you a poem that I have had for many years and read it every now and then (meaning every couple of years actually).   I do not claim my name to fame in writing this.  I pass this on to a girl who visited me in another country many years ago.  Her name is Stephanie.  Last name unknown.  She passed it on to me when I was going through a particular tough time.  This poem reminds me that WE DO HAVE OPTIONS and helps me sometimes with making some tough decisions.  I hope this may help someone out there too.

So if you recognise this as your poem, Stephanie, please contact me so that I can give you the credit where credit is due.


There’s a little man invading my dream

I cannot see him, and they can’t hear me scream.

I’m no hero, I want to save no souls

Just deliver me from evil as they say the story goes.

God cannot help me, for man he did create

And seemingly, intentionally, to leave me in this state.

No-one to hear my story, they’ve stories of their own

So other than a letter, I’m in this one alone.

A deep breath now, the tears bite back

And I’ll sit here at this table ’till I know how to attack.

First examine feelings, this much I have learnt

Carefully discover if I’m angry, or I’m hurt.

The second step are options, what to do and when

and once I have them sorted, confront the man,

and then….

Oh dear, he’s being nice to me, with this I cannot cope

All my well strung arguments in my throat are choked.

So I’ll resort to writing poems, they are my saving grace

And I’ll sleep on this tonight, perhaps the morning I can face.

(this poem is copyright protected)