The Third Date Rule

8 January 2012

The Third Date Rule

The 3rd date rule is often debated about.  How long do you wait before you jump into bed together after you have met.

I was not aware of this ‘third date rule’ until a guy I had just met for the second time mentioned it to me by way of making it as a joke but I think he was a little bit … uh… lets not say it … !   I am certainly not a killjoy when it comes to a bit of fun, especially when the feeling is mutual but in this instance I felt being rushed into something I was not ready for.  We never progressed to the third date!

Lets just regress and explain what this “third date rule” is all about.  After all, if you are new to the dating scene or don’t watch a lot of TV either, like me, how would you know?   Normally that is implied to people who are on the dating scene to find someone for a (hopefully) long-term relationship and it is suggested to wait until at least the 3rd date before committing to being intimate.  I believe the term became more popular after being used in Sex in the City with Carrie Bradshaw and more recently in Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen.

There is NO third date rule

However, it is also suggested that a third date rule is somewhat of a myth or misconception and you should only go to the next level if you feel comfortable to go there.  My own rule has been to wait beyond the third date particularly since the term has become more popular in recent years and thus somewhat of an expectation with some guys thinking that they only have to take you out three times before they get to score.  I am not saying all guys do and I am certain that some girls are exactly the same…. what is good for the goose is good for the gander!

He said: “I spent $20 for a movie, before the first base, $40 for lunch for the second base and $60 for a romantic dinner …..  before we cut to the chase!”

An interesting fact came to my attention and I could not help but have a smile on my face.  A certain columnist (who will remain nameless as I am unable to find the source) said that there is no third date rule for people over 50!…. what?  are people over 50 in a hurry to go somewhere?

Good thing I still have a few more years to go…. hahaha !


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