Would TIME please stand still … just for one day

02 Februay 2012

Would TIME please stand still… just for one day!

In a land far, far away…..

I would like to capture TIME and hold onto it… just for one day.

See TIME is ever so elusive and remains just beyond my grasp.

TIME has many faces.

Some days TIME drags its feet and just slowly ticks over to the next minute. Could TIME please pick up the pace and be quick?  I am waiting for action here!

And then, when you need TIME it decides to do a runner on you with its playful friends, MINUTES and SECONDS flying past faster than a speeding bullet.  Who are they?  Superman?

TIME just waits for no-one.

TIME has eluded me these last few days and decided to do another runner on me.  Without TIME I was unable to write my next masterpiece blog.

Without TIME my life turned into chaos and my mind has lost its track somewhere.

I packed the iron in the dishwasher and the dishes into the book rack, the books in the fridge, the food in the bathroom, the washer and soap onto the floor, the floor… well the floor pulled me back and grounded me.  Made me stand still in one spot to realise that TIME is on my side.

It is my MIND that plays with TIME most of all….. mmmm…. now where was I?


One thought on “Would TIME please stand still … just for one day

  1. shoes says:

    Oh I like this! TIME – I both love and hate her. Too fast, too slow, never just right.

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